Nancy Carbonaro_Photography
For 18 years, Nancy Carbonaro has been creating engaging    and sophisticated portraits for business executives and families.  She also is very passionate about working on projects in third-world countries for corporate and non-profit initiatives that make a difference in the world.  

Carbonaro is known for her easy going, open demeanor that creates a relaxed environment for her subjects. It is in this way that she is able to capture the true essence of each person, whether they are a corporate CEO, or, a child playing in the tobacco fields of Cuba.

Nancy has studied with photography masters such as Ernesto Bazan and Joe McNally. She has taken courses at the New England School of Photography, Rhode Island School of Design and Massachusetts College of Art. She was President of the Commercial Industrial Photographers of NE (CIPNE) from 2007-2009, Photographer of the Year for CIPNE in 2007 and has won numerous professional awards for her photography.